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Trade Show Assistance Program

Agricultural products

The Montana Department of Agriculture is proud to offer qualified agricultural companies assistance with developing existing markets and reaching new markets by exhibiting at wholesale trade shows that are consistent with a company's marketing plans and goals. Department's support includes reimbursement for 50% of the booth cost of wholesale, domestic trade shows; advice on show exhibiting; and a supplemental packet of information with exhibiting tips.


Companies can apply for reimbursement for 50% of the cost of booth space and other eligible expenses (up to $2,500) at wholesale, domestic trade shows, whether they are based regionally or nationally. This will help the company defray the expenses of exhibiting at trade shows until the sales from the show come in.


Once the company has determined a trade show's effectiveness, the company must fill out and submit the Trade Show Assistance Program application. Applications must be postmarked or received via email 45 days prior to the show's start date. Applications are reviewed by the Department, and once a company's request is approved, a contract will be issued.


After the company exhibits at the trade show and returns a survey, the Department will generate the reimbursement.




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