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Selling to Consumers

Where Most Small Growers and Manufacturers Start

Helping Montana agricultural producers and processors to market directly to consumers
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Helena Farmers Market booth
Farmers Markets - a good starting place

For small growers and food manufacturers, the road to the consumer is varied. Many start selling direct to the consumer through farmers markets and internet stores, then move on to specialty food and gift stores. Once the product is established, the small food manufacturer begins to seek larger volume sales opportunities through grocery stores. This progression allows producers to gain experience, learn how to play the game, and build production and delivery capacities.


Below are a few resources to help you with marketing directly to the consumer.


Made in Montana and Grown in Montana Program 

The Made in Montana series of logos were developed by the Montana Department of Commerce to identify products from the state. The logos may only be used on products having been made, grown, created, or substantially transformed within the state of Montana.


Click here to sign up for this FREE program.


Farmers Markets

For Montana growers and processors, marketing directly to the consumer through Farmers Markets is a great option.  Go to our Farmers Market site to learn more about exhibiting and visiting Montana's markets.


Montana Craft Shows

Montana hosts many retail shows including arts and craft fairs, farmers markets, and home and garden shows. These are great selling opportunities for businesses that aren't ready or don't want to enter the wholesale market but still want to reach buyers. Click here for a comprehensive, searchable list provided by Travel Montana.


For additional assistance, contact our Marketing Officer (see below).




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