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Bear Paw Development Corp.'s Food & Agriculture Development Center

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Triple Divide Spirits owner, Karen Powell, and her husband, J.P. Crowley

This center, based in Havre, is operated by Bear Paw Development Corporation and focuses on renewable energy in partnership with Montana State University-Northern.


Successful projects include food processing, biofuels and biolubricants, timber processing, wind energy, high-value crop production, greenhouse construction, and other value-added industries.



Bear Paw Development Corporation is committed to making northern Montana a better place to raise a family and make a living by focusing our resources on business financing, entrepreneurial training, infrastructure development and community planning.



Contact the center for information related to product development, regulatory compliance, and other assistance in developing new products from farm to market, as well as information on farm-based energy production and other value-added agricultural enterprises.




Spotlighted Businesses







                 Taylor Lyon


Taylor Lyon, originally from the gulf coast of Texas, moved to Helena, Montana in 2005 to pursue a degree in Biology from Carroll College. Though his studies, he discovered the fascinating world of renewable and alternative energy, more specifically, sustainably produced biofuels. This newfound passion led him to become a researcher at MSU- Northern’s Bio-Energy Center, where he developed technical and policy expertise surrounding Montana’s alternative energy scene. Following his tenure at MSU-Northern, Taylor was introduced, and attracted to the issues surrounding food and agriculture in Montana via UM’s Environmental Studies Master’s program.


Being a part-time entrepreneur and business owner himself, Taylor is no stranger to the thrill that comes with earning that “first dollar of profit”, but also understands the sometimes daunting hurdles prospective business owners can face. Drawing on this experience, Taylor is excited to lend a helping hand creating business plans, connecting producers to markets, securing resources, and much more for the great people of North-Central Montana and beyond. Most of all though, Taylor wants to help people “build a contagious momentum of success, a momentum that inspires others to turn their dreams into reality.”




Bear Paw Development Corporation

Taylor Lyon
48 Second Avenue,
Ste. 202
Havre, MT 59501


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