Export Certifications and Inspections
Seed potatoes inspected during loading.

Export certification assures that commodities and plant material meet the phytosanitary requirements of importing states and countries. Phytosanitary measures seek to prevent the spread of pests, diseases and toxins. The Montana Department of Agriculture assists exporters in meeting standards by certifying that plants and plant products are free of prohibited materials.


Some export destinations require multiple field inspections during a growing season, laboratory tests, soil analysis and completion of other testing requirements before export certifications can be completed. Exporters should contact the department before a commodity is ready for shipping to determine the phytosanitary requirements for the intended destination. Most countries require issuance of a phytosanitary certificate. Without the certificate, commodities can be detained, refused, or even destroyed at the importing destination.


If you are considering exporting agricultural commodities and would like to apply for a phytosanitary certificate, use the link below to visit the Phytosanitary Certificate Issuance and Tracking System. For general information review the Montana phytosanitary certification overview below.


There is a cost to the producer for export certification. Phytosanitary certificates are either $23 or $50, based on the value of the shipment:

Shippment value: $1,250 or less - Cost: $23 + inspection, sampling, and survey costs

Shippment value: $1,250 and up - Cost: $50 + inspection, sampling, and survey costs


Inspection, sampling, and survey costs are $20 per hour, per diem, and mileage at state rates set by rule, and actual costs of trapping, survey or treatment of commodities.




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