Goals & Objectives

Agricultural Development Division


Division Goal

To enhance, expand and diversify Montana's agricultural economy, thereby improving the general economy of the state of Montana by providing services, which include market and agri-business development, Growth Through Agriculture grants and loans, wheat and barley research and marketing, agriculture loans, beginning farmer/rancher loans, hail insurance, grain grading and inspection, agriculture literacy and outreach, and administration of agricultural commodity research and market development programs.


Division Objectives

Agricultural Marketing & Business Development Bureau:

  • Assist in increasing sales of Montana's agricultural products and the success and profitability of agricultural businesses and operations, both domestically and internationally.
  • Provide technical assistance to help Montana’s agricultural producers capture more of the value of their products, and retain more money in Montana’s communities by helping develop Montana-owned and operated processing and other value-adding businesses.
  • Strengthen and diversify Montana's agricultural industry through activities promoting private/public sector partnerships.
  • Provide financial assistance for the development and commercialization of new agricultural products and processes.
  • Provide support to the Agriculture Development Council and administer the Growth Through Agriculture program.


Rural Development Bureau:

  • Provide basic hail insurance coverage through the State Hail Insurance Program on crops grown in Montana so producers have an affordable hail loss protection option.
  • Provide support and growth to Montana agriculture by administering the Agriculture Finance and Commodity Research and Market Development programs.
  • Assist in the economic development and welfare of Montana agriculture.
  • Increase awareness of the importance of agriculture in Montana through educational outreach to schools.

State Grain Laboratory Bureau

  • Provide timely, official, objective and accurate test results to buyers and sellers of Montana grain under standards set by the USDA Federal Grain Inspection Service.
  • Provide timely, official, sampling services and testing of other Montana commodities.

Wheat & Barley Bureau:

  • Provide education and information about Montana’s wheat and barley production.
  • Determine avenues for market promotion.
  • Examine transportation issues and barriers to shipping Montana grain.
  • Support and participate in grain buyer, consumer, and education events.
  • Carry out all research and marketing contemplated by Title 80, Chapter 11, part 2, MCA. 





Agricultural Development Division
Montana Department of Agriculture
302 N Roberts
Helena, MT 59601
Phone: (406) 444-2402
Fax: (406) 444-9442


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