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Recruitment and Selection


Application and Selection Process

The process used to evaluate an applicant's qualifications may include an evaluation of the State of Montana Employment Application and supplemental responses if required, a performance test or work sample, a structured interview, and reference or background checks.


The Screening Process

Job listings for State of Montana vacancies are highly competitive. As mentioned earlier, agencies utilize a screening process to review and evaluate the applicant's qualifications. Information provided on the state application and, if required, the responses to the supplemental questions are used to determine which applicants will advance to the next step in the selection process.

Agency staffs evaluate each application, responses to supplemental questions, and any performance tests for training and experience as it relates to the job. Applicants, whose experience and training/education most closely match the position, continue in the selection process.


The Interview

Interviews are most commonly conducted in person. A telephone interview may be arranged under special circumstances. A telephone interview may be followed by a second, face-to-face interview. During an interview, the applicant is asked structured, objective, job-related questions. Interviews may have written and oral components. Each interview panel has rating criteria and suggested responses to evaluate the applicant's responses.


Other Selection Procedures

The position may require a performance test or work sample. Examples include: researching a job-related issue and giving a presentation, preparing written or oral responses to situational problems, using job-related equipment, or submitting work samples.


Reference Checks

Reference checks provide the hiring authority an opportunity to confirm information provided by the applicant. Calls or written requests are made to the applicant's current or previous supervisor(s). On the state application, you may request notification before your current employer is contacted.




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