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The Montana Department of Agriculture offers a variety of internships for students enrolled in an accredited college or university. This includes all public, private, community, vo-tech and Native American institutions of higher learning. Most internships occur during the months of April to September. The length varies, depending on the project that needs to be completed and the time frame required. Positions are located statewide.


Most are paid positions. Interns must secure their own housing and transportation to the work site. Student interns must have a valid drivers license to drive a state vehicle.


Announcements can be found below when positions are available. For complete details and online applications, click on Current openings at left.


Comments From 2013 Marketing Interns MikeSiegersmanADD


Mike Siegersman assists the International Marketing Officer in marketing Montana’s value-added ag products to foreign countries. His duties include conducting research on targeted markets, planning inbound trade missions and exporting seminars, and providing Montana companies with information on exporting products.


"I enjoy working for the department because of all the friendly and helpful people I get to work with, who do their best for Montana’s agricultural industries," he says. "I am motivated by a great resume-building opportunity and the chance to help food and agricultural companies be profitable and expand their businesses."


NatalieGriffinADD Natalie Griffin assists staff in outreach and promotional efforts of the Agricultural Marketing & Business Development Bureau. Her position includes researching and interviewing successful businesses to develop press releases, marketing materials and other content for multiple media channels.

"Working at the department has taught me more than I could have imagined about the state's agriculture-related businesses and how government agencies provide support to businesses," Natalie says. "The experiences I've had speaking with business owners will be very valuable for my future career, especially if I have the opportunity to start my own business."





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