Agricultural Sciences Division

Pest Management Bureau


The Pest Management Bureau is responsible for programs related to weed, insect and disease pests, as well as monitoring and inspections that enable agricultural products to move freely in commerce.


The bureau manages the Noxious Weed Seed Free Forage Program and the Noxious Weed Trust Fund, which provides grants to local weed districts, researchers, communities and other governmental entities to eradicate, control or contain noxious weeds, and to encourage the development of new and innovative weed management projects and technologies.


The bureau also manages other programs including pest surveys and risk assessments, as well as inspections, investigations, quarantines and enforcement actions to assure regulatory compliance. It provides phytosanitary inspections and export certification to assure that commodities and products meet the requirements set by importing states and countries. And the bureau contains apiary programs that serve the honeybee and alfalfa leafcutter bee industries.




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