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Planting canola in Montana. MDA administers programs for the management of fertilizer products.

The program licenses commercial fertilizer manufacturers, distributors and dealers to ensure the quality of fertilizer and soil amendment products sold in Montana.


  • Safeguard the health of humans, animals, and plants
  • Promote high-quality commercial fertilizer and soil amendment products that are safe, uniform and effective
  • Verify truth in labeling of products
  • Ensure standardization and uniformity of terms and definitions used in the fertilizer industry

The program investigates complaints and collects random samples of products at manufacturing sites, storage areas, distribution and transit points, retail stores and end-user locations. Samples are sent to the department's Analytical Laboratory in Bozeman, which analyzes them for compliance with labeling claims and for the presence of trace metals that may be harmful to plants, animals or humans.

Results are reported to the registrant or blending facility. All fertilizer products must be labeled properly and accurately. If there are any problems, the registrant or blending facility is contacted for resolution.

Any business that manufactures a commercial fertilizer or soil amendment sold in Montana, or who distributes a commercial fertilizer or soil amendment in Montana. Distributors of un-manipulated animal or vegetable manures and specialty fertilizers are exempt.

Download the
Fertilizer Dealer License
Application Form


Commercial dealers and distributors of fertilizer or soil amendment products must obtain a Fertilizer/Soil Amendment Dealer License before conducting business in Montana or shipping products into the state. Dealers who sell exclusively unprocessed animal or vegetable manures or specialty fertilizer packaged for non-farm use do not need this license.

Each facility, distributing or handling commercial fertilizers or soil amendments in this state must have a license. Licensing must be obtained before January 1st of each year.

Fees: Annual Fertilizer Dealer License

  • $75.00 - Application for licensing a new location
  • $50.00 - Renewal application received before January 1st
  • $75.00 - Renewal Application received after January 1st

More information coming soon. Please contact MDA Fertilizer staff if you have questions or require assistance.

MDA ensures that each facility handling anhydrous ammonia, such as the one pictured here, is in compliance with the Anhydrous Ammonia Facilities Safety Act section of the Montana Commercial Fertilizer Act and Administrative Rules as they apply to storage and handling at dealer locations.

Montana's agricultural producers use an average of 30,000 tons of anhydrous ammonia each year for the production of agricultural crops. It is the department's responsibility to ensure that each facility handling this agricultural fertilizer is in compliance with the Anhydrous Ammonia Facilities Safety Act section of the Montana Commercial Fertilizer Act and Administrative Rules as they apply to storage and handling at dealer locations.

There are approximately 18 retail agricultural sites in Montana registered with the EPA's Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office. The department's goal is to visit each facility within a three-year inspection cycle.

Accidental spills of anhydrous ammonia shall be reported to the National Response Center, Montana Disaster and Emergency Services as well as the Department of Agriculture.

Licensing for anhydrous ammonia dealers is a part of the annual Fertilizer/Soil Amendment Dealer License effective January 1st of each year.

Anhydrous Ammonia Inspections

The anhydrous ammonia program conducts inspection of anhydrous ammonia facilities and equipment when this product is used as an agricultural fertilizer. The inspection verifies compliance with equipment safety standards to protect lives, the environment, and to assure the continued availability of this valuable agricultural fertilizer.

Storage Tank & Farm Wagon Inspection

Tank inspections focus on site locations, condition of tanks, piping and valves, transfer hoses, and required safety equipment.

Farm wagon inspections focus on tank identification, labeling, protective guards and valves, gauges, hoses, safety relief valves, required personnel protective equipment, and maintenance logs. The Motor Vehicle Inspection Bureau regulates highway safety of farm wagons used to transport anhydrous ammonia from the dealer to the producer.

Anhydrous Ammonia Sites

The anhydrous ammonia program also approves new or relocated sites through its application for new site and environmental review questionnaire process. The department is also working with the agriculture community to develop an ongoing training and education program for anyone interested in learning about anhydrous ammonia.

Any fertilizer or soil amendment that contains a waste or sewage sludge distributed as a single ingredient product or blended with other ingredients must be identified at the time of registration. The registrant of a fertilizer or soil amendment containing waste or a hazardous waste-derived fertilizer or soil amendment, shall state in the application the source of the waste and the level of metals in the end product including, but not limited to, arsenic, cadmium, and lead.

Download the
New Product Registration Form
for Commercial &
Specialty Fertilizers
& Soil Amendments


Commercial fertilizer, soil amendment, or specialty fertilizer must be registered by January 1st of each year by the manufacturer or the supplier on the manufacturer's behalf. Product labels are required at the time of registration.


Annual Fertilizer Product Registration

  • $45.00/product - Specialty Fertilizer
  • $30.00/product - Commercial Fertilizer
  • $20.00/product - Soil Amendments

Every manufacturer who registers a soil amendment or commercial fertilizer in this state, or a supplier who registers on the manufacturers behalf, except specialty fertilizer and un-manipulated manures, must file on forms approved by the department a quarterly statement of the net tons of each commercial fertilizer and soil amendment distributed in Montana during the quarter and to whom it was distributed. The report is due on or before the 30th day after the end of the quarterly reporting period.

Each Licensee who distributes a soil amendment or commercial fertilizer, except specialty fertilizers and un-manipulated animal or vegetable manures, to an unlicensed person in this state shall file with the department on forms approved by the department a semi-annual statement for the periods ending June 30 and December 31 setting forth the number of net tons of each commercial fertilizer and soil amendment distributed in this state during the 6-month period. The reports is due on or before the 30th day of the month following the close of each period. There are no fees associated with the semi-annual report.

Quarterly Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting
Download the
Quarterly Fertilizer
Tonnage Reporting Form

Quarters end on:

  • March 31
  • June 30
  • September 30
  • c
  • December 31
Semi-Annual Fertilizer Reporting
Download the
Semi-Annual Fertilizer
Tonnage Reporting Form

Semi-annual periods end on:

  • June 30
  • December 31


Quarterly Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting

  • $1.00 per ton - All fertilizers except anhydrous ammonia
  • $1.70 per ton - Anhydrous ammonia
  • $0.10 per ton - Soil amendments (when reporting 50 tons or more)

Semi-Annual Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting

  • No fees required

Fertilizer Program News

Producers Reminded to Sign Up to Receive 2017 Census of Agriculture

Deadline is Friday, June 30th

Producers Reminded to Sign Up to Receive 2017 Census of Agriculture

Helena, Mont. – Producers throughout Montana are being reminded to sign up to participate in the 2017 Census of Agriculture. New producers or those who did not receive a Census of Agriculture in 2012 can sign up to receive the 2017 Census of Agriculture report by clicking here and signing up by June 30th, 2017. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) defines a farm as any place from which $1,000 or more of agricultural products were produced and sold, or normally would have been sold, during the census year (2017).

Montana Hay Hotline Available for Producers Affected by Drought

Listings of Hay for Sale Online

Montana Hay Hotline Available for Producers Affected by Drought
Helena, Mont. – With the severe drought conditions affecting many throughout the state, the Montana Department of Agriculture wants to remind folks that the Hay Hotline is available to producers as an online tool to connect buyers and sellers of hay and pasture.

Lt. Governor Cooney to kick off Capitol Square Farmer’s Market

Market officially starts 6/13 and will run 2:30-6:30 every Tuesday

Lt. Governor Cooney to kick off Capitol Square Farmer’s Market

Helena, Mont. – Visitors to the State Capitol, state employees and local food lovers now have another opportunity to pick up fresh, local produce, Made in Montana products, and other goods during the week. The Capitol Square Farmer’s Market, sponsored by the state Departments of Agriculture and Administration, will officially start Tuesday June 13th from 2:30-6:30 pm in the Capitol south oval parking lot. Lt. Governor Mike Cooney will help kick things off by distributing reusable grocery bags to the first 50 attendees. 

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