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Trade Show Training

The Journey of the First-time Exhibitor

Welcome to this training designed for the first time exhibitor.
Trade Show Training Presentation

It will take you on the exciting journey from selecting an event to successful participation and follow up.



Click on the Tracks below to begin the presentations for each.  Scroll down to download the companion Guide for the training.

  1. Track 1: Planning - are trade shows right for you, picking the right trade show, and budgeting
  2. Track 2: Pre-Show - contracting a booth space, planning, and pre-show marketing
  3. Track 3: Show Planning - packing, shipping, and booth design and setup
  4. Track 4: The Show - travel, talking to buyers, at the show, and post-show
These presentations were created using Prezi, an online presentation interface requiring high-speed internet.  If you do not have high-speed internet or cannot make the presentations work, you can complete the training using only the Guide.


Follow along in the Guide as you progress through each Track of the training.  In addition to the information from the presentation tracks, the Guide provides visuals and additional forms to help with your trade show success.

  1. Download the complete manual (PDF, 7 MB, or download per Track, below)
  2. Download Guide Track 1: Planning (PDF, 1.13 MB)
  3. Download Guide Track 2: Pre-Show (PDF, 1.34 MB)
  4. Download Guide Track 3: Show Planning (PDF, 2.31 MB)
  5. Download Guide Track 4: The Show (PDF, 2.25 MB)
  6. Download Guide Resources (PDF, 199 KB)



Each Track offers a Quiz (via SurveyMonkey) at the end of the presentation, in order to check your comprehension of the material.

  1. Track 1: Planning Quiz
  2. Track 2: Pre-Show Quiz
  3. Track 3: Show Planning Quiz
  4. Track 4: The Show Quiz



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