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MDA Seeking Pest Information from Lentil Growers

MDA Seeking Pest Information from Lentil Growers

What vertebrate animals have damaged your crops?

Helena, Mont. – The Montana Department of Agriculture (MDA) is seeking to gather information from lentil growers who have, are or will be suffering damage from vertebrate pests. As part of the MDA’s vertebrate pest program, Department staff gathers information and photos related to certain pests and the damages they cause to certain crops. This information helps the Department develop training materials, which in turn are used to educate producers to help them more easily identify and manage vertebrate pests.

Specifically, MDA is looking for lentil growers to provide information related to the following:

  • What vertebrate animals have damaged your crops?
  • Would you be willing to allow Montana Department of Agriculture staff come to your farm document the damage?

Vertebrate pests are any animal with a backbone/spine, such as birds, deer, rodents and carnivores. The Department’s Vertebrate Pest program helps producers and property owners manage damage by rodents and other animals that threaten production, structures and public health. Program staff performs research to find new ways to control vertebrate pests using various control methods such as pesticides, habitat modification, trapping and shooting.

Growers willing to provide information should contact Stephen Vantassel, Vertebrate Pest Specialist with MDA at: (406) 538-3004 or

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