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The Agricultural Development Division (ADD) is responsible for administering programs that promote and enhance Montana agriculture. Within the division are three bureaus: the Wheat and Barley Bureau, the Agricultural Marketing and Business Development Bureau, and the Montana State Grain Laboratory Bureau.

Boards and Councils attached to the division are:

ADD serves Montana through:

The Agricultural Marketing & Business Development Bureau is responsible for market enhancement and development through direct market development activities, grants, seed capital loan investments in new and innovative products or process, marketing, and product development. Marketing and agri-business development personnel work closely with individuals and organizations to promote and enhance our agriculture industry. Visit our Marketing Assistance page and our Business page for overviews of services offered by the bureau.

The Montana State Grain Laboratory is located in Great Falls and operates the only official USDA Federal Grain Inspection Service grain official grading and inspection laboratory in Montana. The lab provides unbiased grain inspection, grading, and quality data for Montana crops. Visit the State Grain Lab page for details.

The Montana Wheat and Barley Bureau is responsible for promoting and encouraging scientific and practical research in all phases of wheat and barley production under the policies developed by the Wheat and Barley Committee.

Montana's value-added agriculture industry is growing yearly, supplemented by programs like Growth Through Agriculture and Grown in Montana.

The following information is available upon request from the Agriculture Development Division, or use the links below to find more details online: